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Innovation Mould is a company specializing in the design and manufacture of moulds for the production of parts with complex structures.

Our product portfolio ranges from technical plastic injection moulds, single or multi component moulds and aluminum casting moulds, to compression moulds for carbon fiber.

Innovation Mould’s company philosophy is based on bringing together the two most important professional dualisms that today’s market demands: modernity and history. A young, constantly developing company built upon on solid foundations and broad technical know-how gained from over forty years of experience in the mould industry.

A solid background handed down by its founder Icaro Olivieri, who along with Canstar, the company from which Innovation Mould was founded, has been the market leader since the early 1990s thanks to important and ongoing collaborations with international companies of the caliber of Nike and Bauer.

Innovation Mould’s second quality duality is its ability to combine an “open minded” approach to design that is proactive and innovative, with highly technological skills, experience, and the company’s technical tradition.

An ongoing process of comparing and constant improvement via its strong management structure, CAD/CAM Office and testing department’s assembly and quality control, each staffed by highly skilled and specialized professionals with broad and recognized experience in the sector.

Modernity and History, Innovation and Experience, dualisms that represent the best of Innovation Mould’s identity; top quality, 100% guaranteed, the highest ever-present technical expertise and market competitivity, particularly in the Automotive, Eyewear and Sporting goods sectors.

Distribution Network

Through a network of qualified distribution partners Innovation Mould has a guaranteed international presence.

Distribuzione Worldwide

Applied sectors


Moulding solutions and technology applied to the production of components and accessories for the automotive sector.


Moulding solutions and technology for the construction of frames for the eyewear sector.

Sporting Goods

Moulding solutions and technology for the construction of professional sports accessories and components.

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